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Business Archives professionally manages your records - protecting sensitive information, cutting the ever-rising cost of space, personnel, and equipment, and ensuring the prompt and accurate retrieval of vital business records.

Our modern, specifically-designed record management facility is located within minutes of downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
The Business Archives vault is equipped with an environmental control system that provides a controlled environment ideal for computer media and microfilm management. We can free up valuable office space (space that can be used for income-producing activity) and give you speedy access to your records, giving you confidence that your documents are safe and secure.
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Security is Our First Priority

 Every precaution is taken to ensure the security of your hard copy files and vault media. Strictly controlled access procedures and virtually every kind of detection device is installed to protect your valuable records. Your computer media and other sensitive documents are stored in our archival vault. From the locks on our doors and our motion detectors, to our climate control and HALON fire suppression systems, our facility is secure. 

Secured Access

 We require all staff to pass through a series of security checkpoints identical to those used to gain entry into a bank's safety deposit vaults. Signature Authorization Cards control entry into the record center, and only people whose signatures and secret access codes are on file gain admission. 


 Our vault is equipped with an environmental control system that provides a controlled environment ideal for computer media and microfilm management. The temperature and the relative humidity are rigidly controlled. The walls in the vault are 8" thick, and are specifically engineered to meet the rigid standards of the federal government. 


 In addition to motion detectors and an alarm system wired directly to the police department, Business Archives uses state-of-the-art fire protection. This three tiered system included ionized smoke detectors, heat sensors, and the HALON 1301 fire suppression system.

File Storage & Retrieval



Our containers are designed specifically for record center utilization. They will store either letter or legal size files, and they fit compactly on our metal shelves, thus keeping your storage costs to a minimum. You select the type of indexing you would like. For example, there may be one entry describing the contents of an entire box, or materials may be indexed according to the files within the box, if necessary. Our indexing ability can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be.

Each indexed item, whether a container or a file within the container, will have an individual "Address" that remains with the box until it is permanently removed or destroyed. You will get a summarized computer listing of your records quarterly.



Easy access to your records is essential. With Business Archives, your records are as close as your telephone! One phone call from you sets our retrieval system in motion.

Our sophisticated computerized information management program can find your document fast...faster than your internal staff...without the frantic pressure or concern.


Certified Record Destruction


Certified, confidential record destruction is a vital service provided by Business Archives. Proper handling of document destruction is a key component to any strong records management program. Business Archives will provide you with cost-efficient document destruction services while maintaining the needed safety, security, and confidentially of your documents.

To request more information about certified record destruction by Business Archives, contact us today.

Record Management Assessment

 The cost of office space is skyrocketing. The cost of lost or mislaid records in incalculable. We can free up valuable office space and give you speedy access to your records. Our professional Record Management Consultants will assess your situation and recommend solutions to your problem WITHOUT CHARGE. 



  • Safeguard confidential information, records, and documents.
  • Provide assurance to your customers that you are handling their business information with the highest level of security and care.
  • Decrease document storage and records management costs.
  • Reduce liability risks for your company.
  • Provide documented evidence of proper records retention and document destruction practices.

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